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Hot Bytes for 2012-11-08

http://t.co/hfkuXR5j looks to one-up new Amazon Wine – All We Can Eat – The Washington Post http://t.co/uatjP486 ->
Q&A: Why we like peppers, how sometimes they don't like us – Food & Wine – The Sacramento Bee http://t.co/pW5RW1Td ->
They like them in Israel too! The flavor of chilies – JPost – Arts & Culture – Food […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-10-10

You Know You Want to Know: Which Fast Food Chain Has America’s Best Drive-Thru? | http://t.co/zFLS8JQR #
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: Top food blogs of 2012 (Leaving out your favorite Chile Underground) | Fox News http://t.co/MW87HLNL #
5 Avocado Recipes to help you get out of the same ol' green goo rut: Desserts! […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-09-28

Fight over expanding canola in Oregon pits organic food lovers against biofuels advocates – The Washington Post http://t.co/9d58w9m3 #
The new culinary arts: Cooking up science – Times Union http://t.co/YdqrMyMc #
Food and drink together! Chef’s ‘adult’ pies topped with ingredients soaked in liquor – http://t.co/UNeBeBYf http://t.co/nXMo3g4N #
Losing the fight? Retired generals say junk […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-09-08

School kids get lessons in food, self-respect and more: Picking pecks of peppers http://t.co/ZAF9BDNR #
The peppers of enchantment : It's Hatch Chiles in New Mexico, and oh so many more… http://t.co/XLLBGNrK #
Food Wars Heat Up! Organic food advocates weigh in on the recent organics-aren’t-more-nutritious report | http://t.co/BlbtAsOL #
Don't throw that good stuff […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-08-22

Indian Food with health and flavor focused: A Conversation With: Chef Vikas Khanna – http://t.co/7zn6Wdfq http://t.co/lDV0z8JX #
Got a nifty food idea up your sleeve? Get your prize-worthy recipes ready for the fair | The Seattle Times http://t.co/wBTuW7Jl #
The return of retro recipes, which are showing up everywhere (and it's a global "problem") http://t.co/OXVkh2Du […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-08-15

Tastes Like Chicken! Three snake recipes you have to try | GMA News Online | http://t.co/hKfNOxxb #
Yet Another Great Tomato Recipe: Fresh Southwest Tomato Strudel – Topsfield, MA – Wicked Local Topsfield http://t.co/mHaJ1T7L #
Sichuan Peppercorns (which ain't really pepper) features: 'Peppers' pack a punch | Lansing State Journal | http://t.co/y5FKxznx #
I love […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-08-07

Tomatoes gone wild: recipes and tips for using up all that glorious garden bounty – The Sacramento Bee http://t.co/8wQbmLuV #
New research reveals why chili peppers are hot: Capsaicin as fungicide | Science Codex http://t.co/4ZPU8bN2 #
Meat, milk, other commodities to grow more expensive: Drought's impact on food prices – Business – The Buffalo News […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-07-25

It's National Tequila Day! Sweet deals and 3 recipes to celebrate – http://t.co/4gMUx2JR http://t.co/tm7jfZLX #
Mark Bittman prepares bell peppers three ways – http://t.co/aosogmYU http://t.co/QNGUEcG8 #
Feel the Burn! Extra-hot ghost peppers now haunt two Red Robin burgers – http://t.co/5l3CGRmu http://t.co/DyymmViF #
Blame the hot days and lack of rain for zesty goodness: Heat, drought […]