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This Space for Rent: Working Without Really Working

Nothing much to post for you folks today; sorry. I’m working on a big submission that will lead to a major change in my life, though; more on that as I find out the Good News (or the Bad News, depending). Given the paperwork load, I suspect it’ll be a lot like mating elephants…

I Don't Think Anything's Happening Today...

There’s nothing going on in the World today; certainly not my world. I don’t even have any new Cajun recipes to post! Maybe I should get up off my dead rear up and get some new ones, eh?

Be right back…

Enjoy the (Absolutely Boring) Heat!

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Not Much Going On; Taking the Day Off

Working around the Ranch today, won’t be building anything important for the CU audience. Tomorrow starts a maintenance cycle on all my WordPress sites, so next week’s posts may be “CU Lite.”

Go cook something spicy and Italian, and chill out…

Enjoy the (Day Off) Heat!

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