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Rain, Rain, Come & Play!

We’re getting a good rain event, yesterday afternoon and today. I’m hoping for an inch of precip, maybe more. I’m tired of watering already! I’m also hoping this is a sign that the predicted severe drought will stay away this spring. I’m not confident, mind you; simply wishing.

The lows the next two nights might be […]

Garden Recovery Plan Complete; Rebuild Under Way…

Man, I hate it when that happens. A late freeze, I mean. I’d already declared Winter dead and Spring sproinged back in mid-March when the temperatures reached about 90 hereabouts. That’s hot enough, right? Now way could it freeze again after that.

Dang Global Warming stuff.

I had 30+ tomato plants out, a large area of radishes, […]

I’d Never Make It As a Farmer…

Just when the compost arrives, and the cheap hired help gardener daughter comes home for Spring break, and the baby plants are poking up nicely, wouldn’t you know it: It rains. Like it hasn’t rained in years. I get everything going my way for once, and that’s when the clouds open up. Sigh.

We’ve had two […]

What Do You Have for Sunday Lunch When It’s Cold and Wet?

Stew? A hearty soup? Chili? Maybe something from the slow cooker?

I like any of those choices, and since it’s usually indoor time when the weather’s nasty out, cooking’s a joy. I take my time and check the dish regularly while I work on fiction or something equally gentle. We don’t have snow down here, thank […]

It’s Raining in Texas…

And I didn’t even have to get nekkid and dance in the yard. (Good thing too; the neighborhood watch has me on the list after that last little misunderstanding, I think.) After the last several years, when we’ve been very dry at this time, it’s nice to actually be ahead of schedule for moisture for […]

Thinking About the Garden, Already

The weather here’s been warm, at least for February. I’m not saying I’ve put the coats away yet, but some of the trees are thinking about budding out. It’s way too early for them, of course, and if they do they’ll likely get bit in a late frost; but hey, it’s their choice, right? At […]

Dog Days are Here; Can We Quit It Out on the Heat Now?

All we need is to conjure up some tropical something in the Gulf and send it to Alice, TX. Then we can maybe get a bit of relief. Nothing big and disastrous, thanks; just wet as all get-out and slow. Very, very slow once it gets onto land. If it’ll just spread out and […]

To Paraphrase Dorothy: “Peppers and Maters and Cukes, Oh My!”

The garden’s going great guns here. The cherry tomatoes are over four foot tall now, with others just behind. I’d guess there are 50 pounds of tomatoes on the dozen plants. Even the heirloom Black Krim is setting fruit nicely. We’ve already harvested some yellow pears. The lonely tomatillo, Fatima, is doing much better, […]