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Comment Spam Fixed; CU Open to New Comments! Watchdogs Sent to New Homes…

Okay, maybe this time the Elves have gotten things under control. (I found a way to get the job done quickly. Just take away their beer and pretzels, and cut the cord on the TV. Then promise to bring it all back when the problem’s solved.) The several watchdogs the Underground has been using […]

Remodeling Under Way; Pardon Our Mess

Just a word of caution: We’re revamping quite a bit of the WordPress back office around the ol’ Underground. It may not seem very apparent to you, but it’s certainly taxing the Elves’ creative abilities well beyond where Santa ever got them to go. (Now I see why I got such a great package […]

WordPress 3.0

As many of you may remember, I use WordPress for my websites. I got started into blogging several years ago, when WordPress was the apparent “cream of the crop” in the CMS category for someone who was a) unwilling to learn Dreamweaver (or similar) and b) broke. Free was good enough for me, although […]

Whups! Time for a Little Maintenance

You know how it is when you live in a house for a while. You get used to the way things are, even if you know there’s bound to be a bit of paint needed over here, some cleaning of closets over there, and maybe a screw loose over yonder. (PJ claims I’m the only […]

Tools for Blogging: WordPress 2.7 Upgrade is Nothing to Fear

Whatever kind of WordPress blogger you are, you know that upgrading is a pain. The folks at WordPress work hard to make it otherwise; but you know better. All the regular little updates and patches only make things worse.

Well, never fear; WordPress 2.7 is here, and it’s different.

Not merely in look-and-feel; in ease of upgrade […]

The Zen of Blog Software Maintenance: Upgrading WordPress

(Note: Long Post follows, and it may seem depressing at times; but all’s well that ends.)

WordPress (WP) released version 2.6 “Tyner” this week, and I decided it was time. Time to get all the blogs backed up and get one common version of WP running across the board. I manage 8 sites where WP is […]

Tools of the Trade

Keeping a food website alive is a bigger undertaking than it first appeared to me. It’s also easier than I really imagined it to be, in a lot of respects.

It’s all in the wrist. And the tools.

As you can see (from my footer, at least) I use WordPress for my site. It’s not just for […]