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New Site Up! (Arguably It’s About Food, Someday)

Okay, it’s not anything to do with food, unless I write a mystery that involves cooking. (Now there’s an idea; hmmm…) No, this is the newest, and soon to be the best, boutique site about novel writing on the whole InterTubes: The Accidental Novelist. The plan is for plenty of blog posts, of course. […]

NaNoWriMo Needs YOU! Well, Really, It Needs Me…

The Crabs are trying to run away with our olive. (It’s a long story, believe me.) We Lushguins can’t let that happen! So a group of us have made a secret pact (unfortunately, in a public chat room) to add to our original writing goals. Since I’m basically done with the 105,000 words, I’m […]

Not Exactly Sneaking Up On the Dino Today…

I haven’t felt this bad, for this long, in years. Naturally, just as the Novelasaurus hunt begins. I think I’ve gotten less than 3,000 words so far. At least that only leaves 102,000 to go! In 27 days.

I’ll tell you how bad it is: I don’t even feel like cooking. Or eating. Guess I’ll […]

Impossopotamus is Dead, Long Live Impossopotamus!

At 10 P.M. the Impossopotamus officially expired.

That’s when I validated my word count at the National Novel Writing Month. I got 165,904, officially! I worked on two novels in that time. (No, I didn’t finish either one; your point is?) Now all I gotta do is edit it all down to about 80,000 Real […]

Oops, I Missed; Or, the Big One That Got Away (For Now)

This is a story of grief and woe. Contrary to other reports, it has nothing to do with indolence, lethargy or hebetude. (Some people automatically assign the worst motives to others, just because they slept in until 0900, then took a long soak in the hot tub, then went out to lunch, and finished with […]

It's Satuday, and Impossopotamus is On Death Watch

I’ve had it to here with leftovers, so I’m hunting fresh game. One big Impossopotamus, to be exact. I didn’t bag him today, but I think I wounded him. Maybe, just maybe, if I have a good day tomorrow I’ll be able to skin him out, stuff him and hang him on my wall! We’ll […]

Can You Get Swine Flu From Being a Pig at the Thanksgiving Table?

I felt bad all day. I’m sure it couldn’t be due to overeating on Thanksgiving like a hungry pig at a trough of fresh acorns. Some of my nephews have had the swine H1N1 influenza, but that was weeks ago; they can’t still be infectious, can they? Not that I’m paranoid or anything, you […]

On This Day in History, Absolutely Nothing Happened (On My Fiction)

Some days, I should have stood in bed. I got started early enough, and three hours later I had exactly two sentences drafted. Which I summarily edited down to zero. Man, when the Muses boycott, it Really Hurts! Like having your ankle chewed on by a Poodle with a Mohawk. I finally made a […]